Hey, you. Yeah. You. You with the the nice art materials in the closet, waiting for you to be "good enough" to make art that's "worth" using up those materials.

You ain't gonna get good enough to make art "worth" using that $100 block of watercolor paper sitting on your ass not drawing. You're gonna have to blow through a lot of materials to get to that point. Take that shit out and use it up. Have fun making a mess. Paint over it later if it sucks and you feel frugal. Or just get more paint/canvas/paper/etc if you can easily afford it.

@anthracite fortunately pixels are almost infinitely reusable

@anthracite I really like not having to find space in my home to store finished art and art supplies

and also that setting up to draw is "take Surface out of sleep mode"


Right now I feel like I am kind of missing not having a bunch of half-finished paintings staring at me whenever I go through the studio.

I wonder how it would feel to get a separate monitor that exists solely to constantly show my "everything in progress" saved search whenever the computer's on and plugged into the desk's dock.

@anthracite I have gotten into the habit of calling everything "finished" before or when I get bored of it, which is perhaps not the ideal way of handling the matter.

@anthracite The only way to waste art supplies is to let them lay unused.


Nothing like a move to help you discover two boxes of unused pastels.

@anthracite Art supplies are only wasted if they're *not* used.

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