In the past week of going.down to the French Quarter to work, I have seen:

* a man and a woman riding up the street on Segways against traffic: neither was holding their handlebars, the woman had a large yellow boa constrictor draped about her shoulders who she was petting
* a man coming out of a cafe’s bathroom cradling a small black dog in his arms
* a man sitting on his front stoop with a beret, a glass of wine, and a medium sized dog

A tall trans lady in a witch hat does not really stand out here.

@anthracite I think I saw that same boa constrictor when I was there a few weeks ago, but it's equally possible there are more than one of them


Yeah I would not be surprised to find out there are multipile big fat happy yellow boas in the Quarter.

@anthracite Yeah.

The latter one is only standing out as being "too normal" I guess...

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