The sense of relief that comes from hearing that one of the neighborhood cats you feed, who you have not seen in a week, has been sighted within the last couple of days by your neighbor. Yay! Shemp/Mr Meowgi/probably at least two other names is still around.


Originally he was one of three identical boy kittens named Larry, Moe and Curly. Two of them wandered off and we couldn’t decide which one he was so we decided he was Shemp, the Last of the Stooges.

@anthracite ah, we just recognise it as the name that the Spyro the Dragon devs put in every game they made as an inside joke



Boomers often liked to judge character based on which Olde Tyme Comedy Trio you liked more: the Marx Brothers or the Stooges. Personally I always found ‘em both kind of weaksauce.

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