turning a thing I drew in my majgickal diary last night into some kind of painting

illustrator, 30min so far


and that's an hour and a half now I guess

There's definitely a place this is going and I think it's matching up enough with what I scribbled down in my notebook for it to be going the right way.

eybes: mostly complete

currently-nonexistent cityscape bg and figure need some work still, but it's going somewhere

I should have some water and a walk around the block.

Back to work on this thing. Nobody is gonna be able to see that the sparkles on this bra are a bunch of planetary symbols unless it's a life-sized printout, but I know they're there, and sometimes that's what's important.

I also might use these for some other sparkles in this piece, maybe they'll be more visible. Maybe not.

more work on this picture of Stella and a lot of eybes 

I am up to about 3.5 hours of work on this thing and it is looking nice. Face and feet and background need some work. I might have Stella carrying something instead of putting her arms behind her, too. Dunno. Gotta see if anything feels appropriate.

If I really want this setting to be specifically New Orleans (which I DO but...) then I should put in all the crap we have going overhead - pretty much every utility besides water/sewage/gas is up on the poles, and there is a web of *stuff* up there in the sky - but I think that would clutter this up way too much.

It's already full of a ton of detail that doesn't show up at web resolution. It feels like I've been doing that a lot lately. Stuff just wants to get printed out huge. Maybe with some nifty metallic/iridescent/uv inks. I should talk to that one print shop again and see what they think would enhance these pieces.

This 27” monitor is just big enough that I am feeling a need to shift where my full-image and closeup windows are with respect to each other.

Also Illustrator is getting slow and I think that means the is one is done.



(okay more seriously I like the hair as night sky and what feels like power radiating up from her core. But also apparently I wanted to shitpost in the same way that bewbs and lesbiab exist but for eyeballs)





ꙮ ꙮ
ꙮ ꙮ




ꙮ ꙮ
ꙮ ꙮ ꙮ

ꙮ ꙮ
ꙮ ꙮ

@anthracite I unironically love the weirdness of that character, partially that its a literal bundle of eyes and also that its so absolutely underused in "real" or "legitimate" texts but is beautiful for magical weirdness and shitposting.

@anthracite cool.

I'm interested in what your daily practice looks like now, if there are any parts you care to share. Ty!


Presently it is "I have not made any real attempt at daily practice for most of the past year, if not longer, and am trying to figure out what feels like I need to be doing". :)

The sketch in my magic journal this is based on was done after getting pretty crossfaded yesterday and deciding to spend a while on the couch listening to some of the Monroe Gateway files, and actually feeling like some shit was happening for once.

In the past it's mostly been "LIRP and variants", the most frequent variant's been Stenwick's Field Ritual which is a nice little mashup of the GD Pentagram/Hexagram rituals.


Oh hi, glad you showed up. Ping me from the normie accounts sometime too. ❤️


Thanks! It’s coming along, might get some kind of pattern added.

@anthracite Huh, is that how you work? I feel like some sort of zoomy-in-and-outy animal for working in a single pane now.


Only sometimes, when the piece starts to need it. I spend a lot of time being a zoomy-in-n-out animal too!

I'm also a lot more likely to do this when I'm at home on the big screen, there's not really enough room on the laptop.

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