found on hn: TAKAHE," an efficient ActivityPub server, for small installs with multiple domains"

does the collective world have any opinions on this one yet? the overall design intentions mentioned in [this blog post]( definitely resonate with this old lady who grew up with hand-written html

project page:

hn discussion:


I don't know if you saw, but Tumblr announced they're adding ActivityPub support soon, which seems a big deal


I have! It's gonna be interesting to see if the average small lefty instance admin ends up being cool with TUmblr, or if the fediblock tag is totally full of 'oh god so much shit is coming from there, just block it'.


Hopefully as the fediverse matures, tools will be added that eases the admin burden without requiring "block all of Tumblr" type decisions.

It would be nice to be able to follow furry artists on Tumblr from here

Is there a possibility of whitelisting? Block Tumblr by default but let users request exceptions for particular accounts?


god seriously, I'm quite sure there are power tools for admins that need to exist

We *can* "silence" a domain; then the instance only grabs stuff posted by people being followed by someone on the instance.

which reminds me I woke up thinking it is time to do that to, as much to try and stem the tide of remote media as to avoid bad actors...

@anthracite I’m very excited by this project. Especially the multiple domains support.

And from a technical perspective I’m intrigued with the use of a state engine as opposed to the common pattern of putting a task queue in Redis or similar.

@anthracite looking at the development roadmap, it's definitely not ready for use. consider it experimental until further notice

@anthracite given that @andrew announced it like last week and hasn't reached mvp yet, I don't think it has any instances yet.

@astraluma @anthracite that looks really neat though! I love seeing more things providing interop. I wonder if that will also be client-API-compatible like Pleroma is (which in turn makes it useful as an easy identity provider)

@astraluma @anthracite There's just the one,, which is sort of my test bed for it!

@anthracite I've mostly been hearing about glitch soc, and gotosocial...

Though, I'm not sure if it's really possible to hop to another software too easily? Not sure how long server info like the key for authorized fetch are cached for

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