I am lying in bed naked, curled up against my SO under the blankets, and scrolling through /#FediBlock blocking new shitsites.

I should dig out the coffee maker and see if it still works. It would be really nice to be doing this with a cup of hot chai in reach.

(If you are an admin scrolling through these same tags, hello and good morning, I hope you have a lovely, chill Sunday. :zombocom: )


I'm just not a coffee person. Never have been. @midderin gave me an old one along with some other things when she was moving in with her SO and it's just... sat in cabinet/

@anthracite @xinjinmeng @midderin for things that aren’t coffee, we have a Zojirushi 3 L hot-water kettle/dispenser. It takes up less counter space and having “always ready” hot water for things is REALLY handy

@ksonney @xinjinmeng @midderin

I just went "oooh" and looked at that and my SO informed me that I am not officially supposed to know that their mother has something like that on the christmas gift list...

@jeffnik @xinjinmeng

I lived in Seattle for like seven years and am still not a fan of coffee! It tastes so much more bitter than it smells no matter what you do to it.

There are two circumstances where I'll drink it: a small cup of it to help contrast the sweetness of astounding pastries at the local 120-year-old wikinotable pastry shop, and an ultra-sugared cup of it at the Cafe Du Monde in the park.

I have also never had an office job where I was required to be there at 9AM with nothing in the place to help me wake up besides the office coffee pot. No pressure to start drinking it.

@anthracite @jeffnik

I like my coffee like I like my dragons: black, a little sweet, and served in large cups. ☕

@anthracite @xinjinmeng I actually get you. My spouse has definitely said before that she wished coffee tasted like it smelled.

For me, I just need to fill my vice-niche. I'm alcohol intolerant and other-things dysphoric, so caffeine it is!

Personally, the fewer folks that drink coffee the more there is for me. It's a win-win situation.

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