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Hello stylish dragons! It's update time. I will be working on this throughout today, and we may have some downtime.

Things have started off promisingly, I got 3.4.6 running on my Mac without any visits to dependency hell. Seriously sometimes I have to spend an annoying amount of time just getting the same code that's on the server up and running on my machine. update process thread 

oh hello progress bar to install XCode command line tools on this new machine, thanks for starting at 23h like you always do, very helpful

(it is currently at 4min and dropping, before going up to 20min, but I sure wish Apple would amend all their installing-shit-from-the-internet progress bars to at least say "* probably much less, we're still getting everything set up" in those cases)

anyway time to play with the cat I guess update process thread 

Figure 1: Shemp.

Who looks larger in person, these photos make him look a bit kittenish but he is actually a fine young man of about three years! update process thread 

ugh how do I make homebrew ditch all the old Intel binaries carried across from my old machine and recompile everything for ARM update process thread 

aha, think I found it:

"just reinstall homebrew", awesome, thanks for providing an elegant path for a migration you can expect 100% of your Apple users to be taking, homebrew guys *sigh*

.... hasn't worked yet, libffi seems to be my new nemesis, replacing charlock_holmes

anyway time for a break, I need to shower and get ready for a previously scheduled appointment update process thread 

Thinking of trying to stick my local dev instance into Docker. Have discovered that all guides for using Docker that existed back when the docs were on Github are completely gone from I shudder to imagine how many collective hours of dependency hell this choice has already created for new admins who just brought up 3.whatever, never mind how much dependency hell it will create in the future. update process thread 

Okay, I am back from my errand (and from grabbing a turnover at the 130-year-old wikinotable bakery a few blocks form my place) and I am watching my first attempt to get Docker running on my local dev copy of If this works then perhaps I will finally be done with dependency hell forever. update process thread 

Okay this feels like progress, I am watching three of the five processes that make up A Mastodon repeatedly restart themselves in the Docker app's window. I am pretty sure this is because the database is completely uninitialized. Now to find a copy of the Docker setup docs, since the Masto project, in their infinite wisdom, has completely removed any mention of Docker from the official docs site. update process thread 

@anthracite always appreciate the work you put into this place :dragnheart: update process thread 


Thank you! Being a lazy-ass dragon I honestly try to put in the bare minimum, "being careful who I let in" and "keeping an eye on fediblock and blocking particularly egregious instances" is most of it. update process thread 

@anthracite you do enough to make this a comfy place! and lazy or not you deserve some gratitude update process thread 


I WILL TAKE IT :) update process thread 


VERY. He reminds you to do things like "pet cat" and "play with cat" and "get snack for cat", all of which are crucial to the cryptic and stressful task of "repeatedly typing cryptic shit into a command line and googling error messages". update process thread 

@anthracite @arthurwyatt

I wonder if my present lack of cat is behind my becoming less willing to put up with cryptic computer bs.... 🤔 update process thread 


The update cat has advice it seems. update process thread 

@anthracite Cat! :dragn_owo:
*meows at your cat* update process thread 

@anthracite Oh my fucking god am I glad I went with managed hosting. Good luck! update process thread 


It made sense back in 2017 and I still like that I can do some customizations not available to managed hosting, how the fuck do people manage with 500 character limits omfg. update process thread 

@anthracite Yeah, I mean, you've seen me complain about things here that I could change if I I self-hosted, but no way would it be worth it for me. update process thread 

@anthracite If you have a database dump from the existing system, you should be able to import them to the new one.

I'd need to see your docker-compose.yaml to see what's what in your setup. update process thread 

@anthracite If you are trying to do this off of the main branch, and didn't check out the tagged version, it can well. It may be worth a *gasp* call/chat after I have dinner to go over it and see if I can help since I've been running docker since day 1. update process thread 



I've been running the one on the server in docker since forever, I'm just trying to cram the local copy on my Mac in there too now so I can leave Dependency Hell forever. update process thread 

@anthracite I don't know if this is useful, but this script keeps me from having to build shit over and over again. update process thread 


Oh that is interesting, yes. I am still using the same docker-compose that ships from Masto, last updated 5y ago and calling for postgres 9.6/redis6.0... update process thread 


(current status: containerizing my local dev copy of 3.4.6 in prep for upgrading to 4.0.2, probably glitch fork) update process thread 


Can you share the database section of your .env.production? With secrets/passwords scrubbed, obviously. update process thread 


hmm, never mind - I managed to finally guess at the right name for the database in .env.production and am now as far as "it runs but I can't connect" :)

WHICH IS PROGRESS ENOUGH TO KNOCK OFF AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES, thanks for trying to help! update process thread 

@anthracite there are some instructions for using containerized Postgres to upgrade the db files from 9->14, but I do not have them handy. update process thread 


I think this may be useful for the future once I get my local copy containerized! update process thread 

@anthracite any updates on this? ^^' update process thread 


Not yet, might poke at it some more soon. update process thread 

@anthracite @saphire do you have the dragon style changes in a public repo? I wouldn't mind poking at it every once in a while to keep it up to date update process thread 

@anthracite I found that there’s a docker developer environment for vs code in at least the glitch soc repo and possibly the mainline repo and I’ve started using that so I don’t get stuck in dependency hell 🙃 update process thread 


yeah one of these days I should probably figure out how to cram my five-year-old local dev copy into a docker container, maybe today's that day, maybe it isn't

re: update process thread 

@anthracite i just started over from scratch with the source code I had because it was faster than fixing my local dev env 😬

re: update process thread 


yeah part of why I hate upgrading is that I always spend hours bashing my head against dependency hell just getting the local copy up on the new version, it's maddening. Works fine on the remote copy, which *is* in a Docker container...

re: update process thread 

@anthracite yeah, totally! i have the same problem. if you end up wanting to try it, lmk i can definitely help

re: update process thread 


It looks like the path on OSX involves downloading an app from and figuring out how to point that to the Dockerfile lurking in the Mastodon directory, guess I know what I'm doing when I get back from going out to kick the Louisiana DMV into finally giving me an ID with an F on it. I have sworn at Homebrew's insistence on trying to use some library compiled for Intel instead of recompiling it for Apple Silicon too many times today! :ds_sweatdrop:

re: update process thread 

@anthracite I can write up a little, too! If you use vscode and grab that app from, there’s a .devcontainer folder in the mastodon repository that has everything you need for a VS Code Dev container: update process thread 


Thank you for your struggle!!! update process thread 


Thank you!!

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