anti-algorithm sentiment 

Look, there's nothing inherently wrong about an algorithm managing your timeline, but people get hung up on FB/twitter style fuckery and can't get past the adtech mindset that makes those ones so horrible.

Chronological order is an algorithm, after all, as has been pointed out by other people before.

I'd love to see algorithms here! In the spirit of masto/fedverse you could select one you like, and tune it so that it does what you want


anti-algorithm sentiment 


Yeah, this would be pretty neat. It'd be like all the ink people used to spill talking about "agents" back before the whole WWW got completely dominated by ad sites with little holes for "user-generated content" in between the ads. What kind of settings leave you happy, satisfied, and well-informed, rather than keeping you glued to to the endless scroll looking for the next hit in between the ads?

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