floating a new Masto admin hashtag 

I wonder if it would be worth trying to create a new hashtag for types to discuss things. ? ?

It is kinda neat that there is a distinct possibility of *everyone* suddenly being here on Mastodon but I have been on the Internet since before the WWW existed and I have seen communities on it get irrevocably changed by too many new arrivals, and I am feeling an urge to make sure the space we have carved out here remains viable. Perhaps I am being overly defensive and everyone will see the sense in a lot of the social conventions we’ve built here and adopt them, I was pleased to see the admin of a “journalist” instance come around on the existing conventions around content warnings for politics/news, for instance!

But I think I’m gonna pin those hashtags in a column for now and see if anyone else shows up with things to say about these issues.


Did you fix the typo from "ekon musk" first? >.>

Also FYI, I know camel case hashtags are generally favored nowadays for screenreaders; they know to break up camel case but can't parse long strings of lowercase.

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