Reading Hacker Newsers insisting on the inevitability of AI art taking over everything is making the Butlerian Jihad sound equally inevitable.


Or will the corporations seduce us into staring at the endless AI-generated Pretty Colors Show that they have relentlessly optimized for Engagement?

@anthracite Corporations: the original AIs, already running on a human substrate that they’ve co-opted to their own ends


Pretty much, yeah. If Facebook could kill TikTok without all that pesky "having to police user generated content" hassle by substituting it for AI generated stuff, they'd be delighted.


These are the people that were very excited about the idea that if "work" has "value" then brute computation could create pure money without actually doing anything, were briefly fascinated by the idea that if a "picture" has "value" then it was a gold rush on every unique way to fill a rectangle, and are now relieved to conclude that this part can be replaced by brute computation again. They don't know what art is for.


Hmmm so you're saying we're going to need to fight the abominable intelligences...

Guess I need to figure out how to make a power axe.


Hmmm maybe a root beer too.

Computers would enjoy being a float, right?

@anthracite The discussion surrounding AI generated artwork lately has just been so super depressing. So many people I would hope would know otherwise have been legitimizing it as a useful tool, rather than what is effectively an art-laundering remixer.


There's potential in the approach but if the source data is "every image we could acquire regardless of licensing" then there is a major fucking problem.

@anthracite @Phorm

I will accept AI art rendered entirely from stick-figure research.

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