I am working on a horny comic whose plot revolves in part around a note with a postscript written in a language that the protagonist can only read when she is super aroused and I think this is the best excuse for hiding information from the reader I have ever come up with.


If only, I'm just writing it in a font full of nothing but dramatic swooshes that happens to be kerned so that it overlaps itself a lot.

@anthracite Ah, the substitution-cipher obfuscation approach. That works too!


You should include a challenge to the audience to get horny enough and see if they can translate it.


Hopefully reading the comic will do it! And also the protagonist translates it once she's horny enough due to her tits starting to expand uncontrollably.

@anthracite Glad to see the orgone research department is still getting their grant money


this cursed horny item brought to you by the Institute for Dangerous Horny Research

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