It is time to post some of this silly thing. I can't find my original post of the first page here so, enjoy a new thread for "Chlöe's Evening Out"!

This is it for now. There's a few more finished pages, and a whole lot of roughs, up on Patreon:

A shadow falls across Mitch McConnell. It is the fist that is about to fuck him up.

So hey I posted the last couple pages of this comic over on Webtoons for now, I'll post it here and on my site later - please check it out over there and maybe leave a positive comment, as that's part of the metrics they're gonna use for the contest that's the reason it's on there in the first place. :ds_sweatdrop:


okay Webtoons does vile things to the ö so the revised url is

please check it out and leave a comment to help me win a nice chunk of money :)

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