I should seek some new input. What is the best damn comic you’ve read in the past year or two?

It does not have to be from that time period. It just has to be really fucking good.

@anthracite it has continued to be kill six billion demons for a while now, but that's probably not new input. land of the lustrous comes to mind as one with a really strong art direction that i want to pick back up

@anthracite Awful Hospital, "being confused" is something I value from media


Have you checked out any of Tatsuki Fujimoto's work? He's most known for his serialized work Chainsaw Man but the one-shot he released recently, Goodbye Eri, is just. Amazing.

@anthracite My personal favorite at this point is How To Be A Werewolf. It's a very character driven comic with both an overarching queer theme as well as plenty of queer characters.

@anthracite probably the continuing saga of stjepan sejic's epic Sunstone:

One part romance, one part geeky slice of life, one part hot smut, one part author rants about good BDSM practice.

@anthracite kieron gillen's DIE is probably it for me. he's been one of my favorite comics writers since phonogram, and this one is a wild meditation on the fantasy genre and the medium of roleplaying games. it's not done with his usual artist, jamie mckelvie, it's all painterly with stephanie hans and doesn't even look like much else I've ever seen. gorgeous. the first ish is online here:

@anthracite shattered starlight. It’s incomplete but very good. Also the webcomic “vibe”.

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