Today we got a little baked and went to Piece of Meat for brunch and holy crap that was a great brunch.

@anthracite There are just SO many sorts of possibilities coming to mind of what "Piece of Meat" could be.

You can get a bunch just anywhere, now, but you'll never know until you have it, if it's a great brunch.


They started as a butcher. Then they were a sandwich shop. Now they are a restaurant.

@anthracite That's the most banal of the things that I imagined, so I'm slightly disappointed that you collapsed the infinite possibilities into just that, but it's interesting that it was actually among the ones I was able to see via my wizard vision, amongst the uncountable infinities of the universal possibility space. Also it sounds like a nice place, so if I'm ever in New Orleans touristing it up, maybe I'll eat there?


It's normal but it was insanely tasty! :)

And yeah I'd recommend a stop there if you're ever here.

@anthracite Fantastic!

There's a non-zero chance I'll end up there someday. My upper-middle-class aunt and uncle LOVE New Orleans and visit a lot. My parents went with them once, too, though my Mom ended up in a wheelchair most of the time, and I think it was Marigras?

I wasn't sure how you felt about tourists, some folks really don't like them.

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