Tonight I FINALLY beat the Hand of the King in Dead Cells. Unfortunately I was using one of the new “aspects” that prevents you from getting boss cells from this. Oh well.

@anthracite Oh damn, well, getting through the hand at all is great! I think I got up to BC2 before finally just getting sick of it heh, should revisit at some point though now I'm poking at Rogue LEgacy 2


I got to the Hand not too long after it came out and felt like that fight really really discouraged the long-range builds I was having fun with, didn’t feel like figuring out how to do more melee-focused stuff, and put it down for years.

This time I had a barrel thrower that did a lot of auto-cries and a pickaxe that always crits if you have a shitload of money. Which I did. So he went down quickly.

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