Well that was a pleasant Elden Ring moment. I correctly read the "hey this is a boss arena whose door won't appear until you enter" signs, turned a big pile of runes into a level, then defeated the boos on the first try, despite it being a giant gargoyle who summoned ANOTHER giant gargoyle halfway through. I may be vaguely overleveled.


Eyyyy congrats on the first-try kill, that one's a wall boss for a lotta folks.


Thanks! I suspect I am way overleveled for this area, they only gave me enough runes for a half a level. Or maybe one?. I am not following *any* guides for most efficient progress, I'm just fucking around doing whatever looks fun.

+7 Banished Knight Engvall ashes plus the local NPC summon, plus my sorcerous ass staying way the fuck out of the way spamming Rock Sling with like 30-40 points in INT. There was a hairy moment when I was all "wow, I might first-shot this!" and then one of them got up in my face and nearly smashed me.


Hey, I know that boss! That boss is a pair of Fucks! Good work! :)


38 int + meteorite staff + Rock Sling + NPC tank summon + another tanky ash summon = there was a boss here?


Nice! I've just remade myself into a mage for fun but at the time I did: Flame of the Redmanes Ash of War + mimic summon. That move staggers stuff real fast so it was a lot of Weakpoint Stabbing over and over.

I'm a little jealous at how much... better magic is at doing damage than Faith/fire stuff?


Honestly it feels like a nice change from my experience with magic in earlier From stuff!

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