The little horny comic I've been working on the past few days has a cover now! It should start showing up on Patreon soon, publicly later.

Aww shit, I haven't posted the next couple of pages! Still working out this part of the workflow for short comics.

Page 3 is up on Patreon now so 1/2 are public!

Twyla's proposition, revealed! And the dragon's horny counter-proposition.

The dragon is pretty sure Twyla is in over her head here.

Page 5 is up on Patreon, as well as the opportunity to have your kobold show up in this for a panel.

The dragon was not reckoning with HORNY MAGIC. This whole affair suddenly becomes much more plausible with that coming into play.

Well, slightly more plausible. His cock's still the size of her entire torso.


Horny magic and an hour of diligent work, and Twyla STILL can't take this dragon's knot. She'd better have something planned if she doesn't want to be his sex toy for the next month.

Patrons can see if she has a clever enough plan to work:

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