This interactive explanation of how a mechanical watch works is making me want to start carrying a pocketwatch solely for the pleasure of owning an intricate piece of machinery, and pondering many things related to Time.

it is also making me want to build a clock of some kind to *feel* how this works for myself. "Make one out of Lego Technics" is about the level of Process I'd want. Dunno if I want to figure one out based on first principles though. Or on Internet build notes.

I would probably make it into some kind of altar to Chronos and/or Fotamecus if I actually did this, of course. Being a person who has Built a Device to Measure Time is probably very useful in asking aid from either of these divinities with a hand on the flow of it.

@anthracite i've actually built a pendulum with the sort of ratchet mechanism they use in clocks with lego technic and i recommend it! it was a fun mental exercise and really satisfying to see in motion even if it doesn't run for long


I found a guy on Youtube who made one that he said kept running over an entire year, and only lost a few seconds! Plus a lot of wear to the parts, plastic's really not durable enough for all that constant motion.

@anthracite I recc Wristwatch Revival on YT if you want some good videos on teardown and buildup, and talk about the way components interact preparatory to doing your own build/etc


Will a lady's hat with a brim the size of a bicycle wheel do? I have one of those.

Search for "gyrotourbillon" on YouTube; you'll thank me 🙂


holy SHIT that sure is a lot of frantically moving parts all hanging out on display.


Unnecessarily complicated mechanical devices are so pretty :dragn_hearteyes:

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