These #paintings are the first in a series, where I am attempting to avoid deliberately posing and placing the animals in a composition. Usually we compose animals in scenes for aesthetic reasons, and avoid confessing angles or poses. Obscuring parts (particularly heads and eyes) is nearly always avoided. What if I try to purge those rules? Will a new sort of naturalism develop?

#MastoArt #Dinosaurs


The forest view is awesome, it really feels like a candid shot from someone who just stumbled on them and is caught between wanting to get a good view of them and not wanting to get stepped on. This is definitely an interesting place for you to explore!

@anthracite Yeah, the first was me just trying to be uncompositional without a specific method. The forest scene I actually grabbed the layers and shook them about with my eyes shut.

I think I need to go further in my mechanical methodology, because unconscious bias is so strong.

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