These #paintings are the first in a series, where I am attempting to avoid deliberately posing and placing the animals in a composition. Usually we compose animals in scenes for aesthetic reasons, and avoid confessing angles or poses. Obscuring parts (particularly heads and eyes) is nearly always avoided. What if I try to purge those rules? Will a new sort of naturalism develop?

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The forest view is awesome, it really feels like a candid shot from someone who just stumbled on them and is caught between wanting to get a good view of them and not wanting to get stepped on. This is definitely an interesting place for you to explore!

@anthracite Yeah, the first was me just trying to be uncompositional without a specific method. The forest scene I actually grabbed the layers and shook them about with my eyes shut.

I think I need to go further in my mechanical methodology, because unconscious bias is so strong.

more anti-composition maunderings 


The first one feels like it only really quite works if you put it in a narrative with "this is the only photograph anyone has managed to take of these fast-moving, hungry bastards" energy. Otherwise the aggressively empty center just feels like a mistake, or one image in a burst sequence that ends up NOT being the one you actually share. There might be a way to make it work - maybe a big out-of-focus/speed-blurred critter that's encroaching on the central area?

out of focus/autofocus on the wrong thing, badly lit, moving too fast for the shutter? those feel like places to explore here? fuck it up, then touch it up *just* enough to barely work? I dunno, I'm just tossing out ideas. I think there's something pretty exciting lurking here if you explore a while longer.

more anti-composition maunderings 

@anthracite The bad-photograph route is an interesting one, but I don't think it's the road I'm going to take with this. I'm interested in the contrast of deliberately and aesthetically pleasingly painted, but not deliberately angled or framed.

I'm going to explore randomising things programmatically, either by placing animals with a randomiser (there are problems here) or by creating large scenes and randomising frames, or both.

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