Artemis has been up in the neighbor's attic since yesterday evening and we're starting to think she's stuck. Wheee. She's been up there before and come down but she is just Not Budging; she keeps on mewling sadly. And won't come all the way out of that window, which would theoretically be the way back down (by going around the roof to some sheds behind the house).

So Artie poked her nose out again and we assembled the Cat Lift Deluxe out of some junk lying outside next door. We were able to get this milk crate up next to the window; with Crystal’s help (she’s in the other side of this shotgun double and also Doesn’t Own Artie) we coaxed her into the box on the second try but abandoned ship when it started swaying as we tried to take it down.

She is still safe and now we know she can get through the window. We were worried she was unable to get through. Now we know she can.

I have plans to improve this and make it more stable by using two uprights instead of one. But first I need to chill a bit.

Also, observe how high up this is. See those two little windows under the peak of the roof? She’s sticking her head out of the missing pane. Fun.


Me and @zebratron2084 have gotten fuck-all done today due to worrying about this situation.

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