So the original founder of Second Life is returning to them to try and make VR happen. I think this is at least the second tine he's done this?

I like the part where they ask him about NFTs and he's all "dude SL had a perfectly functioning economy with gates to real money back in 2005, we don't need a blockchain".

@anthracite Finally, a Lab exec/consultant is actually thinking about SL on mobile! Aah!

It's been baffling to me how the Lab's completely ignored phones and iPads. Sure, early on, they weren't anywhere near suitable - but they've been well up to par for years now. That single factor, fixed, would propel them back into popularity - you'd be able to chat with friends in-world while waiting for a bus, in the bath on your iPad, or show off your new outfit to friends while down at the pub.

@porsupah @anthracite as someone with a mid-spec gaming PC, haha no they're NOT. a Furry Nightclub will bring my system to <10 FPS.

The user-created-content aspect means it's impossible to hold any standard of optimization, especially since you can't enforce deprecation of older versions of an outfit component or environment. All you can do is try to improve the render pipeline, and while that could definitely do with improvement.... Mobile I can not see happening any time soon

@porsupah @anthracite I say < because it can fluctuate between 10 and ... 3, depending on how bad it is that night. turning everything down to low without completely destroying peoples' intended appearance can maybe bring it up to 12-15. you could theoretically turn off 'render attachments' but... that's peoples clothes and bodies, and having to turn that all off means you're kind of missing the point

SL on mobile 

SL on mobile 


I guess they saw VRChat and was like "We want a piece of that." I honestly don't know anyone that really plays SL over VRChat nowadays. Where SL uses prims and stuff VRChat uses actual models with springbones and stuff.


Perhaps that will finally change, now that the Internet is generally much faster. Especially if Rosedale’s return brings an infusion of $$$ to hire enough people to actually do some digging around the fundamental architecture choices they made back around 2003 and have been dealing with ever since.

Not that I use SL either. Or own any VR gear for that matter.

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