howdy howdy howdy
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I'm the wordle sherrif, 420 6/9

sweet monkey fuck

this piece of nonsense is the most popular thing I have ever said on Twitter and I hate everything now

Somewhere around 2-3k likes, the icons showing up in the constant "some people liked your tweet" notifications started to be pretty much entirely photographs of people with the occasional cartoon drawing of people. The Sherrif of Wordle has gone far, far away from the largely furry circles I mostly stay in.

I wish him good luck on his journey, and wish that he will bring me some surprising new fans from well outside my usual haunts.


On the one hand: it was a good piece of nonsense.

On the other hand: oh jeez that's a big tweet to get put in your notifs so often, wow, that's annoying.

@anthracite we cannot choose which fifteen minutes are our fame, we can only post "check out my soundcloud" in the replies
and chase memetic potency in attempts to make it happen.


Basically yeah. So far being the sheriff of Wordless has gotten me two whole new Twitter followers!

@anthracite Checks out for Twitter.

The dumbest tweets are destined to be the most popular.



so far it's gotten me all of 2 new followers, woohoo

@anthracite an honest dumb chuckle is a valuable thing to give to so many people right about now

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