Performing my traditional Thanksgiving ritual of forgetting to go to the store and make sure I have food on the day before. Luckily this year I think my fridge actually has something to eat in it, usually it seems to end up as a “holy shit I sure am out of everything and everywhere is closed” day.

Which is probably better than what seems to be most people’s tradition of “visit my relatives back in the dead midwestern city I escaped, try not to fight about our very different politics despite Aunt Q and Uncle Foxnews talking shit” so I guess I should be thankful that my parents were big city liberals who stayed liberal to the ends of their lives?


I've started a new tradition of "use this time to get ready for MFF and seethe at America's habit of slavishly following holiday rituals to the detriment of all else and oh dammit I ran out of butter".

@anthracite It always seems like Indian restaurants are open, around here, which has saved me from going without dinner a few years.

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