Really the most interesting thought that Fenix Rising has spurred is that I am pretty sure the giant AAA Content Machine that Ubisoft has become is completely incapable of actually making a satisfying Beyond Good And Evil 2 because doing it right would probably involve making a smaller game than Ubisoft is actually capable of putting out now. "I have forgotten how to count that low".

@anthracite "I have forgotten how to count that low."

That's a GOOD line, babe, is that a reference?


Yeah, it's from some rants at Google about similar problems with having a ton of infrastructure for absolutely huge projects and a reflexive tendency to use them even when it's like swatting a fly with a nuclear bomb.

@anthracite @zebratron2084 it is specifically from - recently externalized! - an internal gripe from 2012 that became memetic.

A quip that goes around internally quite a bit: “At Google, things that should be impossible are medium-hard. In return, things that should be easy are also medium-hard.”

@kistaro @zebratron2084

Thanks for hunting down the actual video I was too lazy to go cite :)

People talk a lot about the economies of scale, where some things are a lot cheaper to do at volume, but the opposite problem of "I have forgotten how to do things that small because I regularly do things on a large scale" is one that I feel like I see more and more often lately, and is one that I think really, really needed a succinct way to sum up.

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