@anthracite happy birthday, We hope you're able to have a very pleasant day!

@anthracite Mine, too! May there be plenty of cake and fun! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, get some cake. I find it's important because if nothing else happens you can still feel like you did it right because you had cake. Mine is usually like a supermarket muffin, but stripey ass counts if I understand the lingo of the young people


Happy Birthday, which is too short!
I hope you can extend it to a week!

@anthracite Joyous natal anniversary felicitations! Tomorrow is mine! @wheeeee....

@anthracite happy iteration day! *throws punch-card holes*


Happiest of Birthdays to you, as you richly deserve ❤️ May all your fondest Birthday wishes come true!

@anthracite Well, damn, congrats on making it through another cycle!

@anthracite i inflated a dragon in honor of your birthday!

...what do you mean "not like that?"

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