fucking around with eye-twisting patterns in Illustrator

the shape in the second screenshot gets turned into a pattern brush, then put on a circle twice

about 15min, based on a question asked in the Illustrator subreddit

and a slight variant to create a spiral; I think I now see how to make Illustrator quickly do my own riffs on Escher's "Circle Limit" pieces if I find myself in that mood.

@anthracite *Scoots around the edge, firing neon lasers at intricate geometric shapes that slowly creep outward from the center*

Pew pew!


Tempest Except Psychedelic is a very good genre that I wish more people than Minter dabbled in!

@anthracite Very much agreed! It's an extremely good vibe.

Also, I didn't realize Minter actually made and released Tempest 4000. I thought Polybius was our latest entry in the genre.

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