I have just discovered 10000 Gecs and now I think I know how my mother felt when I was regularly listening to Skinny Puppy.


I could see myself deciding to get into it but it feels like the phase in my life where I really enjoy plucking meaning out of highly distorted and overdriven waveforms ended somewhere in the middle of my gender transition.

@anthracite I have to be in the mood for overly distorted glitchy music, sometimes its a good genre, much of the time its just like naaaaah.


I used to love a good harsh noise wall! I still have some Skinny Puppy nostalgia. But I stopped needing regular doses of new stuff in that zone somewhere in the middle of my transition.

@anthracite yeah that's a legit analysis, I think I've definitely mellowed in my musical noise-wallness as I've gone through as well, I'm now wondering at the use of complex loud noises as a method of blocking out bad shit.

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