When I am god-empress of the world my first act will be to ban those ladies room toilets that only flush by means of a light sensor triggers by someone sitting on them. I use my Dickgirl Powers to lift up the lid and pee standing up, then waste half the time I save not sitting down on trying to get the fucking thing to flush.

@001zlnv @anthracite much like automatic doors, I barely register to the sensors, so I have to be very careful to sit back on those, lest I offer my bits to Charybdis.
I fully support your bid for God-Empresshood, is there a signup sheet for foot soldier duty somewhere?

@anthracite okay but this is making me imagine you lifting the lid *with* your dick

"Look, no hands!" :dragn_mlem:


Ew, no, I don’t wanna touch that thing with THAT. Better to use by dick’s psychic powers to lift it.

@anthracite Those things aren't any less annoying for sitters. They go off when you're on the thing, then refuse to work when you're done. They should be replaced.


I am kind of glad to know they annoy everyone regardless of how they use the things! Sometimes I see ones that have a button IN ADDITION to the light sensor, those are fine.


Trust me those exist in the dude's room too and they are JUST as useless, finicky, and incorrect about when to flush and I agree we should just ban them and replace them with foot-pedal flushers.


I still fucking miss urinals. Every time I'm at an event that's reassigned the bathrooms as all Gender-Neutral I take great delight in going into the dude's and just lifting my skirt to piss.


Wild! I actually hate 'em. The lack of privacy... I suppose though, that the men's room is typically less trafficked so it's a lot easier to just take a stall for your business?

I think i'd be more attached to urinals if dividers were more common but I never run into 'em and boy howdy I'm not keen on just being dick out to some strangers in Walmart

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