Damn, Nextdoor is delivering today. Someone in the Garden District complaining about a local bar that’s partying until 11:30pm. On Friday/Saturday. And a lengthy rant from a recent Los Angeles transplant complaining how the city smells like “pee pee” and “poo poo”.

(It DOES smell funny, you can tell when a sewage pipe’s broken, you can tell when you’re near Bourbon, but...)


New Orleans doe snot reveal her true secrets to those who merely visit!


Does the transplant not know what happens when you mix booze, a culture for partying, heat, and humidity?

Also 23:30 isn't even that late for a bar, what do they expect out of a summer weekend?

Anyways your Nextdoor sounds like a riot, if only for laughing at the Proper Crowd being met w/ reality.

@anthracite... 11:30... is... early???

I mean, I'm from Drinktown,USA so I'm biased... but how the heck is that early???

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