This new dishwasher sure ties the room together nicely!

And by “tie the room together” I mean “stops the sink from constantly overflowing with dirty dishes that we don’t really have the space to efficiently wash”.


Yes, it's a little countertop dishwasher that has room for about six place settings. Or 2-3 place settings and some of the stuff you dirtied while making that food.

Our current place is a lot older than "dishwashers" and really doesn't have a good place to install one, never mind convincing the landlord to put one in.

@anthracite I really wanted one of these and I saved up for one but when I got it I found our apartments faucet was incompatible, so we had to return it (I woulda had to install a new sink)


Luckily our faucet was compatible!

(which is good because I did not actually check beforehand, wheewww)

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