You are drunk. You stumble out of a bar on Bourbon Street. On your way back to the hotel, this catches your eye.

Do you take out your phone?

@anthracite It's so very like you to put a MILD THREAT on what is functionally an ad. *smirks* *sighs in formal capacity as your manager* Love the image but lose the vague insinuation it will hack your phone maybe? :)

@anthracite I also strongly suggest you put one of these up in the vicinity/block every time you see a rainbow flag in town...

@anthracite depends how drunk i am. at the blackout level?

@anthracite I would not scan Ominous QR Code, but as someone who's never scanned an ad QR code, I am clearly not your target market. 😂


No, but not cause I'm not interested but because 25 minutes later when I'm at home I go "aw shit, my phone can scan QR codes, cant it?"

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