there is an argument going on over on Metafilter about whether or not it is exceedingly rude for people to say that the prospect of watching a two-hour video in which an attempt is made to say that the immensely-tedious two hour second Matrix film is actually a good movie is about as attractive a prospect as watching paint dry, because Long-Form Video Essays Are Just A Normal Format Now, Geez, Stop Complaining

truly, best of the web

@anthracite oh lol I actually know which essay you're talking about. I have no interest because I never got into the Matrix, but I'll very occasionally watch a video essay that long (I'm not proud) and holy shit I can't imagine calling someone ELSE rude for NOT thinking "hey let's watch this youtuber talk for two hours" is a great idea for an evening in

@anthracite I watched the essay in question, which focused on what the film trilogy *said* and very little on *how* it said it. (IMHO it did not say it very well.)

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