Reasons I may feel like crap right now:

1. My close-up glasses broke again this morning. I glued them together. But the frame gets a little more off kilter every time I do this and my body does not like this subtle change in focus very much, and is feeling queasy because it may think I’ve been poisoned.

2. I have not eaten anything except a slice of cake at the cafe. I am making some pasta to see if this helps.

3. I hope I did not inhale any horrible superglue fumes when fixing my glasses?


Yes you did

Enjoy the high while it lasts

People normally pay good money for that

All I would say is eat some vegetables, drink plenty of water and get some sleep. I think you will feel much better after that. Let us know how you get on.


Thanks <3

it was mostly "needed some food and sleep", yeah

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