Seymour is a perfectly trustworthy pelican who just wants to make sure you have a good time in his city. His map is completely accurate and contains zero lies.


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Might be funny to make it be completely accurate but just filtered for information that would be useless to a tourist.
Laylines, tax lines, council districts, interesting astrological alignments to the streets, rare places where no history happened.


"Empty plinths dedicated to remembering that there's nothing good about the confederacy"

@001zlnv @anthracite I'm not 100% sure I wouldn't plan a tourist trip to see these.

@Mycroft @anthracite

I mean they probably would. I went to see the statue dedicated to benedict arnold being a traitor

@001zlnv @anthracite Richard Thompson did a comic panel of "What's Boring in DC", places that could give tourists a respite from seeing stuff ... uh ...

Here we are:

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