Lately I have been feeling like the entire affair of capitalism is on the brink of falling apart. NFTs feel like a symptom: a *link* to a jpeg can be sold for absurd amounts of money.

And now there's this. The industry of "grading Pokemon cards for collectible value" is *completely swamped* due to people getting into buying and selling them online during the pandemic.

Capitalism is broken.


>Capitalism is broken

*Stands behind you in a space suit, holding a bottle*

Always has been.


True dat. I feel like a lot more of its entire ass has been hanging out lately, though.


It certainly has been getting more obviously and egregiously worse lately!

On reflection, I'm beginning to suspect that momentary flash of interest at the start of the whole NFT thing from Jackalope Mom wasn't so much the alerting of an opportunity, as it was a swift warning.


It's bad. Just newest version of tulip craze, this time with more ecological damage.

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