Here is an animation project I do not want to consume my life with:

A new entry in the genre of Trippy Children's Number Songs, as exemplified by Sesame Street's "Pinball Count" or "Jazzy Spies". The formula is an opening music/animation sequence that never changes, followed by a middle segment that explores one number both musically and visually, then closed by an ending sequence that may have slight changes based on the chosen number.

Pick a musical mode and a visual one. What would suit the death metal version? How would you animate lo-fi beats to chill to fourteen to? Would the chiptune version be full of video game jokes?


And it could use the same imagery for numbers from the Silicon Dawn.

@anthracite maybe some of the songs are in funny time signatures related to the subject number. primes get waltz / quintuple / septuple / etc, but highly composite numbers get ever more complex polyrhythms or shifting meter

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