So I finally hit "okay sure" on an occasional "update Java" requestor, because I have long suspected that there is nothing on my machine that actually *uses* Java, and I was greeted with this confirmation of my suspicion:

Kudos to Java for attempting to gracefully concede its failure, instead of hanging on as a potential source of security holes that needs constant patching.

@anthracite (extremely Java installer voice)
Over 3 billion devices *still* run Java. Please help by uninstalling today!

@anthracite I particularly like that they put the focus on the "Remove" button.


Cynical me:

They're trying to drop support for older versions, so they want people who don't use them to uninstall them, so they stop pinging the mothership and ruin the "Java use breakdown by version" stats.

More cynical me:

They're trying to make you delete your old Java eagerly, so that when you need it again, you'll install a new one from them, with fresh new anti-features :).

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