so apparently today is "get baked and pretend I am Giovanni Battista Piranesi day"

the final image will probably be entirely B&W, or possibly two very contrasting colors, I haven't decided yet

that's about an hour, I think it is time to take a break and do some errands

Another hour of pretending I’m Escher pretending he’s Piranesi. Planning on getting into some serious shit with Astute’s Widthscribe for the faces on the right hand column.

sitting in a cafe after running an errand, trying to decide if I'm gonna work on this some more, or chip at commissions, or work on Stella or Parallax

guess I spent a couple hours working on this thing

probably would have taken less time but I spent a little while trying to track down some bugs with WidthScribe, I really love what it can do for me but I am definitely upgrading my mental rating of its stability to "save before hitting the Make With Front Object button"


and another half hour starting to do the far-away stuff

also a color experiment

I think I mostly know where this is going but I suspect there may be at least one surprise. Dunno.

good morning I'm still fucking with this thing

Mostly I just changed up the direction of the hatching on the right-hand column - it was going along the shaft, now it's radiating from the central lamp - and sketched some stuff on the sides, I may have to reduce the glow on the near lamps to make that visible. We will see.

I should work on some other stuff. This one just kinda crawled up out of nowhere and demanded to exist.

also I like this little lamp friend and need to see if I can knock back the lighting that's almost entirely losing them, we will see how that goes

Memo to self: add at least one cat to this piece.


the CAT density is now optimal!

spell check originally mangled that to be at

@anthracite i can't stop looking at this; it's absolutely bonkers! nice job!
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