Today I learnt that the US flag code does not explicitly specify the arrangement of the stars in the blue part. Just the number. These are all valid flags.

Sadly I would need about five more states before I can arrange the stars to unequivocably read TRANS RIGHTS.

Actually it's more like twenty stars, this is seventy. Gonna be a while even if we admit Cuba and DC and decide to split California into two or three states.

OKAY thanks to a couple good suggestions I have made the perfect US flag, we just need to admit DC and Puerto Rico and split California in two for this to work. LET'S GET ON IT!

@anthracite does it explicitly state what shape the stars have to be? Can you stretch them?


As far as I can tell it just says "stars"! Doesn't even specify five points. So you could certainly go to town on that; I just chose to stick with the usual five-pointers.

@anthracite @synthgal I am now imagining a system of encoding messages in the number of points in each star


If you used a lowercase-style R, N, and H, and then made the S so it was only barely curved, would that save enough stars?


close! this plus @dodec's suggestion of makingg the A one big star got it to 53. Which is within reach!


needs to look more like Loss to really fuck with people


oh wait i just recognized what was actually going on lmao im dumb as hell

@Cerulean @anthracite

YEAH!!! I knew this sounded like a good type puzzle for Cerulean! :dragn_hearteyes: That looks so sharrrrp~!!


I can make a couple attempts but I am not sure either of them really succeeds! I'd have to iterate on it for a day or so to really nail it, I think.




Nope! They do have to be white though. I played with one that was 50 concentric stars but it didn’t quite come together.

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