witch lifehack: sit on the bus and imagine little cubes and pyramids tumbling around you instead of catching up on social media


Eventually you get to the point where you're bicycling along a park trail, casually doing the Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram in your imagination. Or maybe that's just me.

@anthracite Well, that's my kind of... things. I could distract myself while playing with shapes and such in my mind, since I've already done that with complex scenery.
So, if I have to resume in three words : you're right.


Love to contemplate the rhombus instead of finding out who the main character online is today


Like have you ever felt better about the world after discovering who the main character of Twitter was today? I sure never have. I usually feel vaguely sad and/or annoyed.


ClickHole's "I Am The New Person You Have To Know About Now" headline continues to put in the work

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