current low-effort promotional why-not: every time there is a conversation about NFTs on Hacker News, I find an excuse to drop a link to my patreon as an example of artist support systems that work perfectly well without adding the extra layer of fake "scarcity" to digital work and all the layers of bullshit that come with crypto.

@anthracite yeah, Patreon works well. It’s such an obvious answer that it doesn’t get people excited.



It was new and exciting once! Back in 2013 when it launched it was kind of radically transformative; seven years later it's just... kind of expected that every artist has an account there or somewhere similar.

@anthracite I was pretty sceptical at first because the idea seemed too obvious. I thought it wouldn’t work.


I joined a couple months after I first heard of it when one of my fans said something like "hey when are you gonna join Patreon so I can give you money for your cool work". At that point it was pretty obvious it was a good idea from both sides of the relationship!

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