I finally looked up "simp" on Urban Dictionary and I still do not really understand what the fuck people mean when they use it the way they are currently using it. But it still feels like I want to stay away from anyone who is described as one.

I am a forty-nine year old lady and I am generally fine with not knowing what the slang of today means, to be honest.

@anthracite To me, it has the mouthfeel of a slur. And I genuinely can't tell whether it is one or not.

@anthracite @sutter any time I see that word used seriously, I have the same emotion as "AN SEAWEED TUCH MY FUUT!" and the resulting undignified scramble away from it


It's absolutely one of those words that feels like "We have perfectly good descriptors for this already, but internet shitheads made a redundant term with a derisive flavor to it".

@anthracite As far as I can tell, it functionally parses as "any act of kindness towards a woman, if you're a misogynist who literally can not imagine any motive for such except for a 'beta male' trying to get into their pants because As Evolutionary Psychology Teaches Us, women only *really* love aggression and selfish machismo."

@anthracite This includes ANYTHING "queer" that still involves an interaction with the other sex, like complimenting a woman on her clothes, lending them emotional support ("FRIENDZONED!") or having any female friends whatsoever. It comes RIGHT out of the same toxic complex that has these people convinced wolves are very very concerned about power, confidence, hierarchy, and Axe Body Spray.

@zebratron2084 @anthracite To be fair, every time I've exposed a wolf to Axe Body Spray, it's found the experience extremely concerning. ;D

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