Today I learnt that Daft Punk still existed. I thought they quietly broke up years ago, seven years since the last (underwhelming IMHO) album is a long-ass time.

@anthracite Yeah. I thought they were effectively retired, too. Maybe this means we'll get something new from one or the other of them. I could dig that.

@anthracite I always assumed that they had a bunch of personal projects and really only got into the Robot Mood a few times a decade. Still sad to see them go, even if I agree with you on their last album.

@anthracite They've been doing production for a few artists since the RAM album, probably most notably The Weeknd. I remember reading an interview on Pitchfork from that period that basically implied that trying to do anything as Daft Punk was such a monumental pain in the ass (between having to one-up themselves, the basic fact that the robot suits were also incredibly awkward, and the amount of cloak-and-dagger that doing anything quietly required) that they preferred just not doing anything.

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