“It is probably a bad idea to get really stoned, then read one of the Enochian Keys” - me, earlier

So of course I did, with my best attempt at giving a sonorous, resonant, Vibration to these odd, round words. But then the zebra protested that it interfered with trying to watch “Wet Hot American Summer”, so i desisted.

It is probably for the best that I did, I am pretty damn sure I am nowhere near ready for one of those suckers to succeed, especially if I am stoned off my ass.

update: Well now. A stoned, properly-vibrated LBRP is quite a thing. I asked the angels that brings up to please tell anything summoned by that half an Enochian Key to depart. I also ended up brushing the dust off my burlesque moves to do it, because those involve a lot of hip gyrations to open up that spine for the Qabalistic Cross that opens it.


And now I have taken this little sketchbook given to me by @zebratron2084's mom this Christmas and started filling it with sigils that I am beginning to try and turn into dragons.

I could see this commission blossoming into a set of Archangel Dragon Cards very quickly. Well, not exactly quickly, I'd have to pick some subset of the various documented archangels and probably do about 40-80 more drawings. But I could easily see *pondering* that.

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