Tarot bot this morning: “Are you sure you don’t have the 8 of Cups upside down?”. And yeah I sure did wake up feeling like the party’s over this morning, except I didn’t even have it. I stayed up late because I didn’t feel like dealing with rearranging the SO and the cat who was getting an inside night due to a hurt paw.

It is my birthday and I have nothing planned and I feel like I should do something. Maybe I’ll just take a book and see if I can find a relatively quiet place to hang out with it in the Quarter. I need a break from our neighborhood; I’ve barely left it all year long due to the pandemic.

@anthracite that does not sound like bad birthday times at all. I hope it treats you well!

@anthracite Happy day for celebrating your birth, in whatever manner you end up celebrating it. 💜

@anthracite Happy 'day, regardless of circumstance. It's hard to celebrate much these days, but I hope you can find at least a little serenity today. 💙

@anthracite Today is pretty much OOPS ALL CHORES but maybe tomorrow morning we can find somewhere to snag you a birthday brunch? <3

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