This idea popped into my head while I was on my bike and I don't know if I'm actually going to do it but I think I have at least half the stuff I'd need for it lying around in boxes. I'd probably need a new soldering iron though.

I Want One on a vest i can wear over my riding jacket because Yes


Oh HECK it's like an extension of your tattoo, and it would look THAT cool AND have turn signals!!? That's just so cool.

To maximize visibility while biking in the dark, might I suggest a strip or two of reflective tape, or maybe some of the small geometric-shaped or gem-shaped plastic reflectors they sell in bike shops? In some conditions, they're more visible than EL. They'd also be a backup for if your battery gave out. I'm not sure where they would fit into your design, though.


I've had a blinker on the back of the bike for a while too. Don't know if I want to make the coat permanently reflective, though - it's a good general-purpose thing for any cool day!

@anthracite @frameacloud you can use reflective thread. Ask around quilting specialty stores.

@anthracite this is so great. You’ll want to look into lillypad arduino or sparkfun. Also sewing conductive thread by machine works best with a needle with a larger eye so the brittle thread doesn’t shred as much.

@eredien @anthracite Thanks for the advice! <3 I would really love to see Peg put this one together!


I have one of those Sewable Arduinos lying around! Dunno if I want to sew conductive thread into something that's gonna get rained on though. Gotta think about that.

@anthracite @eredien would the wires from a set of cheap headphones be suitable for the purpose? very flexible, and 2 or 3 conductors. also, if the turn signal unit on your bike is a Wireless type, you could buy an identical one and rip the logic board out of it and pack it into the coat to run the wing signals with

@hyratel @anthracite I dunno about the wiring from the headphones but solid idea with wireless turn signal boards

@hyratel @eredien

My turn signal is currently “I put an arm out and make a hand signal”. :)

Oh! I majorly misread 'blinker' as turnsig not tail

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