One thing I really like about Mastodon is the lack of quote tweets. If some famous asshole says some new asshole shit, you can't increase the audience for their assholery by sharing it along with your snarky/outraged/etc comment on it. You just block 'em. Maybe you you report 'em to your admin and they block 'em too, and then nobody on your instance ever needs to have their "hey what are my friends up to" break ruined by getting pissed off about what that famous asshole did this time, ever again.

@anthracite I feel like a liberal blocking policy is huge, and instance blocks are even more important.


god yes, it's SO FUCKING NICE to be able to hear about a new instance dedicated to "letting any asshole say any inflammatory bullshit they want as long as it's not breaking the laws of the countries the admin and server are in" and just open up the instance admin settings and block the whole damn place.

@anthracite It's so convenient when they self-select themselves for blocking. The best argument for lots of small instances.

@anthracite I still really love the way the Wil-who-won't-be-named was essentially run off the platform on a rail. And when he was upset that the platform wouldn't kowtow to his fame, he badmouthed it publicly on Birdsite.

How many chuds were we spared thanks to his meltdown? And it was a beautiful precedent to set: If you're famous, you don't get to drive the conversation here. Go back to Twitter.


The drama-oriented Mastodon instance that was the primary driver of that is gone, too. It's a win-win situation.

@anthracite It's amazing what your platform can be when you don't monetize and prioritize outrage.

@anthracite I sometimes miss being able to use the power of QT for good (eg, "let me show you this artist tooting that they are open for commissions alongside my personal positive experience with commissioning said artist").

But it's so true that 90%+ QTs are snarkily signal-boosting garbage. 😑

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