Okay so both my minor crises of the past hour or so were resolved - the file did not get corrupted, and while it also did not get the latest data saved into it, Illustrator's file recovery thing worked just fine.

And I found some superglue and got my glasses back together with some help from some tape. Miracle of miracles, the superglue had been opened before and was NOT COMPLETELY CLOGGED, truly today I have witnessed a miracle.

I'm still gonna want to get some new frames soon but this is, like, actually usable if I'm careful.

unsolicited superglue lifehack 

unsolicited superglue lifehack 

unsolicited superglue lifehack 


Wait, it's possible to use a tube of superglue twice? Like it's not actually designed for the whole tube of it to dry out inside the stupid metal squeeze tube and clog the tip? Some supernatural force is looking out for you.

Seriously though, good news on that. Broken glasses are one of my big "my life is basically over" fears...


I have some old glasses, plus a pair in a long-range prescription... but these are the ones for close work. Like “sitting at the computer drawing”. I am SUPER glad the glue gods were with me.

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