Aww geez I did not need this to happen right before a hurricane

Thaaat isn't going back together with a few twists of wire, I'm afraid

@anthracite yeowch D:

I'm glad you were able to tape-and-glue them back to usability, that's a nasty break.


So am I! I have other glasses but these are the ones I use for working and reading and other close-up stuff.

@anthracite ... so basically the ones you always use, if you're like me. :|



I switch to the other ones for walking, cycling, and playing video games. If there were still festivals to go to I'd be wearing them for that, too, but, well, that ain't happening until Phase 4 and the city is still in 2.

@anthracite Yeah, I only use my distance glasses for driving. I often just take my glasses off entirely when I'm walking, because I only really need them to read signs at a distance, and I'm mostly playing Pokemon GO when I'm walking.

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